MoCo Sizing

Linear Motion Control Sizing

The best way to size your Mechatronic system is to start the sizing process at the actual load.

The form below will walk you through all of the pertinent data to size a linear actuator. Once completed, a report containing your application requirements and our recommendation of Parker and Schunk Ballscrew, Belt and Rack, Pinion & Linear Servo Driven Systems

Once we have this information completed, we can then use it to size and select a Servo or Stepper motor

Here is an examples of the PDF report that will be e-mailed to you: Motion Report Example

Linear Motion Control Sizing
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Actuator Type and Orientation


Linear Motion Requirements
Motion Profile Please enter the distance of your fastest move
Please enter the time of your fastest move
Please enter the non-moving time

Motion Profile

Load and Location (Center of Gravity)


Be sure to check your units
Location (Center of Gravity)

Force Applied
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